Sheet 72-113       $11.00
Fighting Cocks

F-18D ATARS, AV-8B+,
F-35A RNAF, RF-8G,
F-35A 4th FS,
F-15C 67th FS
Sheet 12-17
Thank You

My complements with an
order of $36.00 not to
include shipping

I have a few left.  If you
would like one let me know
when you order.
Sheet 72-114        $18.50
Star Fighters

F-104S, FJ-2
A-10A, MQ-1, MQ-9
B-26C, C-119
Sheet 72-115        $18.50
The Searchers

OV-10A, F-15E
A-29, RB-50F,
Sheet 72-116          $18.50
Release the Hounds

F-86A, F-4D  2 options,
Hunter,, F-111F, F-101C,
C-47A,  C-54G
Sheet 72-117             $18.50
Aces High

F-14A, F-5EM, F-16C,
MI-17, F-35A 2-options
KC-130J Harvest Hawk